Podcasts for Psy 150 Topics

Below (look under ‘categories’ ┬áthen ‘podcasts’) are podcasts (recordings) for each general topic in Psychology 150. Their purpose is to provide students with some explanation and clarification that would otherwise be missed in an online or hybrid course. My plan is to add to these a second podcast for each topic some time in the future. These additional ones will discuss the first few items on each topic quiz (even before you take the quiz…not there now though).

So, eventually, look for two podcasts for each topic area. Right now though, there is only one. You can download them to an MP3 device if you wish, or listen right here on the site. Together, they will total 30 to 35 minutes, and make up for reduced or absent lecture time.

Notice that they are presented in a reverse or last to first order. So, scroll down and to the next page to find the earlier topics and chapters (modules).

I hope you enjoy the addition of this site to the course. I have enjoyed putting it together. I was determined to find a way for you to hear what I have to say about these topics. I have been lucky enough to work in many of the areas of Psychology, and as a result, I have many examples to share with you. Happy listening.


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